Legacy is a brand designed to connect people to purpose and the products are a reflection of that mission. 

Our apparel are original designs from Mariah Michelle and are created to remind individuals of the power & potential they carry. 

Our artisan goods are sourced from black & POC-owned brands who are just as passionate about hospitality as we are.

Our Mission

To inspire people from every walk of life to leave their mark on the world. 

To create a space to elevate products from black and POC owned brands.

To commit to sustainability through recyclable & compostable packaging and to ethically source & manufacture goods.

To foster a culture of connection, rest, hospitality & self-empowerment.

Creator's Message

Hey y’all, my name is Mariah Michelle and I am the creator of Legacy Apparel and Artisan Goods. I’m an LA native who is passionate about people stepping into their unique callings. Regardless of your background, age, culture or race, Legacy is for the individual who recognizes that what’s needed in our world is more conversation, patience, empathy, understanding, generosity, & compassion. Those who are architects of legacy understand that their lives aren’t just for them. I wanted to create goods that speak to that. Our apparel champions the identity of a person. We are strong, worthy, & courageous. While our artisan goods aim to help the everyday person to cultivate a new rhythm of rest & connection. Sit down, enjoy that cup of tea. Breathe in and out. Legacy is memory - and memories are formed when we connect authentically to ourselves and those around us.

Core Values