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Curse Breaker Bucket Hat

Curse Breaker Bucket Hat

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A curse breaker is someone who rejects the status quo. In our families, in our communities, & in our lives we can accept certain behaviors, attitudes or beliefs because they are normal - even if they are dysfunctional & destructive. But even if narcissism, gossip, alcoholism, poverty or abuse is apart of our familiar, doesn't mean it has to be our forever. 

Let the Curse Breaker Bucket Hat serve as your reminder that things can change when you decide you want different. You can break the cycles & curses that have kept you and your family bound for generations. You have the power to set a new standard and live freely. 

❊ Inspired by Deuteronomy 28



*Accommodates thick, curly hair, locs or braids. 


100% Cotton


Average | 58cm - 61cm

Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cool / Warm | Air Dry or Machine Dry to Shrink

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