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Flu Fighter Tea

Flu Fighter Tea

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Our favorite black-owned connoisseurs of tea, The Irie Cup, has crafted a premium blend of loose leaf teas that are sure to have you feeling better in no time! The Flu Fighter tea uses antioxidant-rich green tea as its base and is paired with a host of flu-fighting natural wonders - including echinacea, elderberries and rosehips, which is loaded with Vitamin C. This tea also includes goji berries, a medicinal plant with roots in ancient China. The Flu Fighter blend is rounded off with mango and raspberry for a rich tropical flavor because we want you to enjoy a tea that not only makes you feel good, but it tastes good too!

Profile & Ingredients

Green tea, Echinacea, Elderberries, Rosehip, Mango, Goji berries, Sage, Raspberry pieces, natural flavors (organic compliant).

Caffeine Content


Serving Size

Sample size serves approximately 6 to 8 cups.
5 oz serves approximately 40 to 44 cups.

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