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Sowing Seed!

Sowing Seed!

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Hi there!Ā 

Thank you for investing into the future of Legacy by sowing a financial seed into the business. Your investment today will help the businessĀ scale and reach more people with the mission & vision of Legacy.Ā 

We do not exist as a company to sink or survive, but to THRIVE and leave a legacy of good on the earth.Ā 

Your contribution today will go towards:Ā 

šŸŒ± Operational CostsĀ 

šŸŒ± Product DevelopmentĀ 

šŸŒ± MarketingĀ 

In exchange for your contribution, we will be sending you a seed to plant (could be a fruit, herb or flower). Water it and watch it grow to see what it will become! What starts off as something small can grow into a mighty tree or bushel; producing fruit with much seed (& continue the multiplication process). Thank you for having faith in Legacy! We know with your help it will become something grand; providing shade and fruit for generations to come.Ā 

Increase the quantity to increase the size of the donation.Ā 


If you'd like to make a contribution, but are overseas please send us a DM and we will send you the free shipping code so that you are not charged for domestic shipping.Ā 


See package details for the type of seed.


Includes 4 x 6in burlap bag & a single seed.

Care Instructions

Plant care instructions inclosed in package.

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